Wyoming Birding

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Wyoming is not always thought of as a birding destination but with all of its habitat diversity and open public lands it can be an incredible place to observe birding treasures such as the Great Gray Owl and the Trumpeter Swan. 

There are a number of habitats in the state including riparian corridors, open sagebrush with scattered grasslands, and conifer dominated mountains which rise to a high alpine atmosphere. A bird’s habitat is it’s home and thus knowing the habitats can be a key in finding the birds or locating a specific bird for the Life List. 

Birding in the Upper Hoback River drainage and surrounding areas can include willow and cottonwood edged waters, open grasslands, sagebrush communities, and forests of lodgepole and spruce. Depending on the time of year numerous species of birds can be seen or heard such as a Ruffed Grouse drumming or the prehistoric call of the Sandhill Crane.

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