Maybe you've seen it on adventure sports TV; men and women flying through, wide-open, virgin snow-covered mountain terrain on snowmobiles. Unencumbered, free to explore some of the most beautiful mountains and valleys in the world. 

Well that dream show comes to life in our lacation of Wyoming. You can fly up slopes, float through backcountry, and cruise pristine valleys. And the deeper the powder, the more fun the adventure. 

The extensive public land surrounding the ranch and areas south literally offer hundreds of miles of snowmobiling excitement. Local guides to take you on a snowmobile tour in the Gros Ventre or Wyoming Ranges that tower above the ranch. Advance reservations are requested. Please inquire at the time reservations are made. 

Drivers must be 14 or older and we do offer family-friendly snowmobiling opportunities for more relaxed excursions, cross country skiing and snowshoeing to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. 

Let’s just say I’m not the most adventurous downhill skier so snowmobiling isn’t just the only way I can catch air, it’s the only way to catch air going up-mountain.
— Lodge Guest